Claire & Justins Ilfracombe Tunnels Beaches Wedding

Have you been to the Tunnels Beaches at Ilfracombe yet?  If not then you’re missing out. These victorian bathing pools were created as safe heaven to bathe back when the sea water was considered ‘medicinal for ones self’, and to meet the steady demand as Tourism grew with the expansion of the railways and increase in disposable time and income. These days the pools are still used by families and couples alike and it’s owners have added a number of upmarket twists to the unique location.

The Tunnels Beaches has more recently gained in popularity as a beach side wedding venue after the addition of the bespoke bar and dining area which is set for expansion in 2017. Nestled in the rocky cliffs overlooking the deck and our to see we think it’s the perfect place to get married in North Devon and were lucky enough to spend Claire & Justin’s big day with them last month. Thank you to the fantastic Nova Photography for sharing these images with us. We think you’ll agree they are simply stunning!

Claire & Justin 209LR



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